adoptive parents hoping to adopt

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the families I will meet? Is this safe?

Every family on the BeFamily app is legally approved to adopt. This means they have all had criminal background checks performed as well as exentsive home inspections. You can rest assured that the families you will meet on our platform are decent, law-abiding people who are ready to adopt a child.

I'm an adoptive parent. How do I post a profile on the app?

You can appear on the BeFamily app by downloading the app and joining as an adoptive parent member. Please be aware that only parents with a current and valid home study will be allowed to post a profile.

What kind of info am I required to provide to use the app?

Women who are considering adoption will only need to provide: name, email, and zip code (so you can view families in your state, if you wish). Families will see and identify you only by your chosen username.

Is there a fee to use the app?

No. It is free for women considering adoption to join.

Can I use the app even if I'm not sure about adoption?

Yes. You can meet families while you explore the idea of placing your child for adoption. We recommend being up front about this with any families you meet, however. Remember, these are real families you are meeting and you should make your intentions known as soon as possible.

Can birthmothers / expectant mothers post a profile on the app?

You can create a profile but only families you follow will be able to see it. And you can choose which posts they are able to see.

Do I need an attorney to use this app?

You do not need an attorney to use the BeFamily app and meet families. You may wish to contact an attorney at some point on your adoption journey. Keep in mind, the families you will meet are working with adoption attorneys or agencies who can also help you.